We provide you with a 20′ x 20′ spot with power and access to water.  You bring your tents, meats, BBQs, tables and all you need to prepare 6 portions of each meat, cooked over Charcoal, Wood Pellet or Wood Chunk.  No gas grills here!

The meats will be Chicken & Ribs.  And new for this year, we have an added bonus category:  DESSERT!

You will serve at least 6 portions of chickens and a minimum of 6 portions of ribs, in Turn On boxes, to be judged by our judging panel.  You are free to decide which cuts of chicken you want to use (Thighs or Legs or Breasts, or Wings).  You may also choose from Back or Side Ribs, but they must be pork ribs.

You may trim your meats before arriving but you MAY NOT season them before being inspected by one of our Reps.  Simple rule of thumbs:  You can take away from the meat, but you cannot add anything to it.

We recommend that brand new teams do some research on YouTube and other resources to learn about how you should present your dishes.