Judging BBQ is serious, and delicious business.  If you are already a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge, you are invited to join us in Ottawa on May 26th to help deliver the caliber of professional judging that our teams expect.

You’re not a Certified BBQ Judge?  Don’t worry, you can still judge the Backyard BBQ Master Competition!

Want to be certified?  We have a class!  The Steak CookOff Association is hosting a CBJ Class in Ottawa on Saturday, May 25th!  You will learn the finer aspects of judging steak, and you get to sample.  This class comes with a One Year Membership to the SCA, so you can judges Steak Cookoff Association events anywhere in the world!

Complete the form below to register and we will follow up soon, indicating what events you are being invited to participate.

Become a Certified BBQ Judge!


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