New Look Kids Q - BBQ Contest For Children

Open For Kids 7 - 15 Years Old.

A great way to get the kids involved in BBQ, or to show off their existing skills!

In this event, kids will be provided 2 food items (TBD) and will be asked to prepare 2 dishes. Judges will visit the kids onsite, where the kids will serve them each a sample of their dishes. Judges will talk with the kids, asking some questions about their inspiration for their recipes, their preparation and their BBQ philosophy.

Winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony which will take place late Saturday afternoon. Judge visit times and dish details to be determined.

Date: Saturday, August 5th, 2017
Judges: Kids will be judged by 3 judges who will visit them onsite.
Fuels: Propane, Wood, Charcoal are all permitted for this contest.
Prizes: Cash and trophies for the Top 5 teams.
Sponsors: New Look Eyewear
Dishes: "Ground Beef" and "Dessert"
Cooks Pack: Download Here

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