Backyard Grilling Contest

Open To All! Bring Your BBQ Down!

Bring your cookers down to the Carp Fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon and square off against your neighbours, friends and international competitors!

Teams will be asked to cook 4 dishes, turning in a minimum of 6 portions of each, following a defined theme (detailed below). Turn-Ins will take place on Saturday afternoon, on 30 minutes intervals. The dishes will be judged by Certified BBQ Judges in a strictly controlled fashion, following KCBS rules and regulations.

Dishes will be judged on Appearance, Taste and Creativity.

Dish #1: Bacon Appetizer

Dish #2: Pizza

  • Bacon must be the central ingredient and must be cooked onsite.
  • Store-bought bacon is allowed.
  • Bacon can be Back Bacon, "Streaky" Bacon, Turkey Bacon, Beef Bacon.
  • If in doubt, ask!
  • Savoury pizzas only, no "Dessert Pizza".
  • Frozen, store-bought pizza dough is permitted, so long as it is cooked onsite.
  • No pre-cooked pizza doughs.
  • Pizza boxes will be provided for Turn-Ins.

Dish #3: Burger: Any Meat

Dish #4: Chocolate Dessert

  • Any meat.
  • Any bun.
  • Must be prepared and cooked onsite..
  • One burger cut 6 times, or 6 burgers, you make the call!
  • Chocolate must be featured prominently in the dish (not just a drizzle).
  • Must be prepared and cooked onsite..
  • No store-bought cakes.

Date: Saturday, August 5th, 2017
Judges: Entries will be double-blind judges by Certified BBQ Judges.
Fuels: Propane, Wood, Charcoal are all permitted for this contest.
Prizes: Cash and trophies for the Top 5 teams in each category as well as for 1st and 2nd Place Overall.
Cooks Pack: Download Here

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